Pair every food safe experience with Besovida
To discover happy and healthy lifestyle.

✓ Made with 100% food grade silicone, able to withstand -30°C~200°C

✓Applying silver nanoparticles from Japanese technology which kills 99.99% of germs

✓ FDA and CPSIA certified
✓No BPA, No PVC, No Lead, No Phthalates


Bowl In A Bowl

Purposely designed to fit into one another like a Матрёшка, Russian doll, BesoVida takes up minimal space while offering maximum capacity.


From freezer to oven, all is forgiven

Thanks to the versatility of the silicone material, BesoVida can withstand the most critical conditions, we’re talking -22°F (-30°C) to 392°F (200°C).

So you can go ahead and heat it, freeze it, cook it and serve with it.


form freeze to oven

Watertight Leak Proof Lid

Once the lid is fully closed, shake it all you want, nothing’s coming out.

Besovida 募資頁面

Steam Vent Hole

We made a tiny vent hole on the lid to allow hot air to escape, preventing food from softening and keep hot liquid from splashing.


Perfect Curvature

Not just for aesthetic purposes, the bowl’s ergonomic curvature fits in your palm like it’s meant to be there. The rubbery texture offers a secure grip.

Perfect Curvature

Easy Scooping / Just Swipe To Clean

No escape for food residue, no corners are left out. The inward curvature makes it effortless to reach content anywhere in the bowl.



Big- diameter: 13cm; high: 7.5cm

Small: diameter: 10.5cm; high: 6cm

Wight: 431±10 g (including lid)

Capacity: 835ml



cloudy grey / chestnut brown / lemon yellow /

mint green / pine green / black rock grey